In 1959, ASHAE and ASRE merged to form our present society, ASHRAE. At that time the Pacific Northwest Chapters ( Oregon, Puget Sound, British Columbia and Inland Empire) were assigned to Region X. The Canadian chapters (Manitoba, Northern Alberta & Southern Alberta) were assigned to Region VII.

A special meeting, held in Vancouver, BC on November 10, 1978, paved the way for the formation of the first International ASHRAE region – Region XI – which included all of these Chapters. Much credit goes to Richard P. Perry, British Columbia Chapter and ASHRAE President Bruno Marabito for facilitating this change. Saskatchewan Chapter entered the scene in 1963, later becoming the Regina Chapter in 1966. Saskatoon Chapter followed shortly, chartered in 1966, and Alaska Chapter in 1974. Mid Columbia Chapter made their debut in 1981 followed shortly after by our newest member, Vancouver Island Chapter.

Region XI has produced several Society presidents including Rod Kirkwood (1973-74), Richard Perry (1983-84), Donald Holte (1996-97) and Ron Jarnagin (2011-2012). We have our own unique awards for everything from the McDougall Totem award for farthest distance traveled to a CRC to the TOP DOG award for research promotion; from the TOPS award for membership to the John Ross award for curling expertise. We share each other’s political quips as much as we share each other’s favorite sports rivalries. And through it all, we get things done and have fun!

Our Region XI spans 4 time zones and covers some 3200 miles of the most delightful geography of North America – from vast prairie expanses to majestic mountains; through serene inland waterways and coastal inlets to the awesome splendor of the Arctic. The uniqueness doesn’t end there. We pride ourselves with being one of the first regions in ASHRAE to “go electronic” with our Chapters Regional Conferences and the first region to hold a CRC at sea! Our newsletter, The Moose typifies our Region – at first glance a bit gangly and awkward, but on closer inspection a proud, majestic entity with cunning ability and steadfast determination to lead.

Chapter Charter Date Affiliation
Puget Sound May 12, 1924 ASHVE
Manitoba September 25, 1935 ASHVE
Oregon July 5, 1939 ASHVE
Inland Empire October 13, 1949 ASHRAE
British Columbia January 27, 1952 ASHRAE
Northern Alberta March 15, 1956 ASHRAE
Southern Alberta October 12, 1957 ASHRAE
Regina March 22, 1963 ASHRAE
Saskatchewan March 25, 1966 ASHRAE
Alaska March 28, 1974 ASHRAE
Mid-Columbia September 15, 1981 ASHRAE
Vancouver Island April 2, 1985 ASHRAE

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